You should probably know that Abby Naas and I are mortal enemies this week. This is what happens when the classic Browns-Dolphins rivalry renews itself. When the pranks get into full swing, you’ll be the first to know. Well, maybe more like the fifth or sixth. Given the number of people who are probably reading this, you definitely won’t be later than the 15th person to find out.

In the first of many Browns-Dolphins comparisons for this week, let’s compare the acting abilities of the  franchises’ most recognizable players.

Dan Marino‘s cameo in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is one of the worst performances ever captured on film. This is a true fact.

Jim Brown was kind of a legitimate actor. He was nominated for two Golden Laurel Awards for his performance in “The Dirty Dozen.” Thirty years later, he was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for a fight scene in “Mars Attacks!” (I didn’t know any of these awards even existed before today, but it counts for something, right?) He was also Montezuma Monroe in “Any Given Sunday,” (why nobody made “Any Given Sunday II: Montezuma’s Revenge” is one of the great mysteries in film history) and most importantly appeared in the holy trinity of 80s TV shows: CHiPs, Knight Rider and The A-Team. Which means he has shared the screen with Charles Bronson, Erik Estrada, David Hasselhoff and Mr. T.

Advantage: Browns. Easily.

Lots of good reading from the long weekend. Here goes…

Random thoughts:

  • Legendary author Ben Hill talked about us hosting Triple-A games on the Biz Blog over the weekend.
  • The Padres should have three of the top 36 picks (or something in that neighborhood) in the 2011 draft now that Jon Garland signed with the Dodgers. RHP Kevin Correia and C Yorvit Torrealba also were offered arbitration and would both Type-B free agents, so if they leave, San Diego would get a supplemental-round pick for each of them.
  • Speaking of Correia, I’d never heard this story about his brother. Remember: pro athletes are people, too.
  • Sean Burroughs signed a minor-league deal with the Diamondbacks. To be a player. I’m not making this up. He hasn’t been in pro ball since 2007.
  • Funniest alleged quote of the hot-stove season so far: Derek Jeter needs to “drink the reality potion.”
  • Hero to baseball nerds everywhere, Bill James did an interview. He gets a little deep in his answer to the final question.
  • Peter Gammons says the Tigers are spending money.
  • The Indians used to be good and now… they aren’t. Thanks for the reminder, complete with visual aids.
  • The Angels’ Top-10 prospect list according to Baseball America is posted. Six have played in the MWL in the last two years.
  • To long-toss or not to long-toss? It’s a pretty important debate for people in the pitching baseballs business.
  • Juan Uribe will make $21 million over the next three years. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.
  • This G6 song must be stopped. Same for the Black Eyed Peas rip-off of “Time of My Life.” Nobody ruins great karaoke jams and gets away with it. NOBODY!
  • I’ll be honest, though. I do like the new(er) Nelly song.
  • “If you don’t dream, you’re living in a memory.” – TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte. Words to live by.
  • Surely Leslie Nielsen can’t be dead. One of the original kings of dry humor. Bummer.

Musical guest, The Black Keys!

Take care!


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