To Jason Hagerty!

Jason Hagerty is the Topps Class-A All-Star catcher for 2010. It’s a nice honor, but especially impressive because the selections were made from BOTH levels of full-season Class-A baseball. Meaning, twice as many people were eligible for this compared to the Double-A and Triple-A teams.

I thought it would go to either Hagerty or Wil Myers from the Royals organization, who played at Class-A Burlington and Advanced-A Wilmington. To compare the numbers:

Hagerty: .423 OBP, 14 HR, 74 RBIs, 11 passed balls, threw out 34% of runners stealing
Myers: .429 OBP, 14 HR, 83 RBIs, 20 passed balls, threw out 32%

Pretty darn close offensively, with the understanding that Myers went up a level at mid-season to play at one of the worst hitters’ parks in the minors.

Defensively, Hagerty’s numbers look better. Understand that the official “caught stealing” numbers aren’t even close to reliable; if a pitcher picks off a runner and it turns into a rundown, it’s scored as either a caught stealing or a stolen base despite the fact that the catcher probably never even touched the ball. I kept the “non-BS” caught stealing stat in my game notes this year and Hagerty threw out 28%. Still respectable.

What does this mean for the future? Who knows. Hagerty just turned 23, Myers turns 20 in a couple of weeks, so Myers gets more love from scouts.

Now the Bill Brasky-esque list of Hagerty’s superhuman feats from 2010:

  • Had a 31-game on-base streak ending in early July
  • From the all-star break through mid-August, had one of the best OPS numbers in the minors
  • Hit .351 with 9 homers after the break while catching just about every game in crazy-hot weather during his first full year of pro baseball
  • Hit five homers in a five-game stretch in early August, including a ball he hit in Lansing which a lot of Lansing people said was the furthest home run they’d ever seen at that park. If you look at this photo, he hit it off the roof of the picnic tent just to the right of the scoreboard. You know, the one behind the 412-foot sign. Is that good?
  • Drives an ice cream truck covered in human skulls

To Jason Hagerty!

Musical guest, Billy Joel!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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