As you know, Thanksgiving is two days away. Best holiday of the year. No presents, just food and football. And flammables the night before in an event we call Thanksburning Day back home.

As you may not have known, Benjamin Franklin wanted our “national animal” to be the turkey. Apparently he thought the bald eagle was lazy and cowardly. And he also must have never heard of the most patriotic animal of all time, the bald Hogan. Which sort of relates to Thanksgiving, when only the greatest eaters in the world can eat a huge turkey lunch, fall asleep watching football, then rally like Hulk Hogan and eat a normal dinner. I used to be able to do this, but no more.

How does this relate to baseball? Well, I guess this whole thing makes Ben Franklin the first American to complain about a mascot decision. He paved the way for more recent complainers, such as those who have sprang up in Omaha, Nebraska, calling the name Storm Chasers “ridiculous.” In the end, I think we all end up realizing that WE were the ones being ridiculous for getting so up-in-arms about the name of a baseball team.

Random thoughts:

  • Two more teams have unveiled new logos without changing their team name: the Altoona Curve and the Kannapolis Intimidators.
  • I missed this earlier, but MLB.com picked the Padres’ minor-league players of the year.
    Pitcher of the Year was Maria Stein, Ohio native (and Ohio State alum)
    LHP Cory Luebke. Player of the Year was OF Mike Baxter. Both played in
    Fort Wayne.
  • I grew up around racing, so I can’t help but notice stories like these: Jimmie Johnson, who won the Sprint Cup championship, did so with another team’s pit crew doing all the work during pit stops. This hasn’t been seen since “Days of Thunder,” when Russ Wheeler’s crew helped push archrival Cole Trickle’s car off pit road. Which is second only to the scene where Cole couldn’t come onto pit road because the entire crew was eating ice cream.
  • If you thought stories about college football players getting improper benefits were fun, now we could have some involving baseball players and agents! Super!
  • Dave Hutte status update: “Dave Hutte is making the Dave Hutte #1 for the first time in months: Tater-tot casserole. Yum yum!”
  • Seriously, Dave Hutte is a decent cook.
  • Joe Paterno says he’s coming back to Penn State next year. Do you realize he’s been there since the Truman administration?
  • Ohio State plays Michigan on Saturday. It only FEELS like the last time Michigan won that game was during the Truman administration.

Musical guest, the Ohio State University Marching Band!

Happy Thanksgiving and go Bucks!


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