Like I said, we’re not curing cancer over here, but hosting Triple-A games at a Class-A ballpark is a pretty big splash. I can’t find any record of this happening anywhere else in Minor League Baseball.

Several teams have played minor-league games at major-league parks. The Dayton Dragons had their team play an exhibition game against a team of the Reds’ top minor-league prospects, which is about as close as I could think of to what we’re going to have here.

Also, when it was a huge mystery what our announcement was going to be, the best guess came from a commenter: “Are you going to be the #4 hitter on the Opening Day roster?” Which is ridiculous… I’m a table setter, baby.

Random thoughts:

  • Speaking of Padres Triple-A baseball, looks like all of you missed this article from the Tuscon newspaper from five days ago.
  • The Padres added seven players to their 40-man roster, protecting them from the Rule 5 Draft which happens in a few weeks at the Winter Meetings. Six of those players have come through Fort Wayne, including RHP Simon Castro and INF Jeudy Valdez within the last two years. That doesn’t mean they’ll play in the major leagues next year, but it eliminates a big hurdle for them to do so.
  • If you have no idea what the Rule 5 Draft is, that’s OK. It probably means you have a life. There’s an explanation of the whole thing here. Because Wikipedia is always right.
  • The top 10 prospect list for the White Sox came out today. If you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Apparently it’s old news, but some former White Sox employees could be in trouble for skimming bonuses from Latin American prospects. Ugly.
  • The Arizona Fall League season finished on Saturday. Dustin Ackley was the league MVP.
  • Ryne Sandberg is still kind of mad that the Cubs didn’t hire him to be their big-league manager. I think being a major-league bench coach would be a nice “masters program” for anybody who thinks he’s ready to manage. They’re usually the manager’s right-hand man.
  • Joey Votto is the National League MVP. You know, the same Joey Votto who was a second-round pick but still needed two years in the Midwest League to be ready for higher levels. You just never know who’s going to become what.
  • I watched “Elf” yesterday. I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I couldn’t help myself. Instant Christmas classic. Along with “Jingle All The Way.” Wait…
  • Not sure how I missed this late Johnny Cash song, but wow.
  • Tony Kornheiser’s stunt double was fired from coaching the Vikings today. Bummer.

Musical guest, by request (sort-of)… Bruce Springsteen!

Take care!


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