Rumors on the Internets

You want some juicy rumors from the far reaches of the Internets? YOU GOT IT!

  • Apparently Kevin Towers is taking trade offers for Justin Upton. Fact: There aren’t many players in baseball who are untouchable. Especially on an Arizona team that needs some shaking up. Is any of this true to begin with? Who knows, and they’d have to get an unbelievable offer to move Upton, but it’s interesting to think about.
  • The AL Cy Young voting will tell us a decent amount about how far sabermetrics have come. I was watching MLB Network last night and it’s pretty clear Harold Reynolds (and others) still care most about the “wins” category. And for anyone who talks about baseball for a living, that’s a shame.
  • Scott Boras says Adrian Beltre has performed at similar levels to certain Hall of Famers at similar stages of their careers. Does he really believe this stuff or is he just trying to do his job?
  • Trading a manager for a player? Nobody’s admitting to it, but it would be fun to see.

Random thoughts:

  • Bud Black, NL Manager of the Year. O-Riiiiiiight. Best line in the article: “Vegas had us winning 71 games. They don’t build those casinos by losing money.” – GM Jed Hoyer
  • Peter Gammons wrote something again. Read it.
  • Bryan, Ohio native Chris Carpenter is impressing people in the Arizona Fall League. According to a scout (bottom of the article), he has a chance to be a frontline starter.
  • Ohio State blew it open late against Florida in basketball the other night. Watch out for the Buckeyes.
  • Working the remote control while watching multiple games on TV is an art form. Amen, brother.
  • If there are any single ladies reading this (even I’m laughing at the ridiculousness of that), here’s a single guy worth your attention.
  • Want off-season fireworks at Parkview Field? We’ll have them Wednesday night. And that’s not even mentioning the steel cage matches we have between staff members every day during lunchtime.
  • More TinCaps staff volleyball tonight. Combined, the teams have a record of 28-12. We’re like a gravy train with biscuit wheels. And you’d better believe we do the Top Gun high five like nobody’s business.
  • Dave Hutte Status Update: “Money for nothing. Chicks for free.”

Musical guest, Ben Folds!

Take care!


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