Flying coach(ing staff)

In the words of Jack Bauer, I’ve gone dark for a few days. Why? Partly because I’m lazy. But the other part is classified. Well, it was until about an hour ago.

The Padres announced their minor-league coaching staffs for 2011 this afternoon. Your TinCaps’ field staff is:

Manager Shawn Wooten
Pitching Coach Willie Blair
Hitting Coach Kory DeHaan
Athletic Trainer Dan Turner

You can read the press release here. And the Padres’ story here. You should know that every member of the staff has been in the major leagues in some capacity. The coaches all played in the bigs and Turner did an athletic training internship in San Diego (he’s from there).

If you’re wondering about last year’s staff, manager Jose Flores isn’t with the Padres anymore. Bronswell Patrick moved up to Advanced-A Lake Elsinore to be their pitching coach. Hitting coach Tom Tornincasa and his Fu Manchu moved up to Double-A San Antonio, where he will play obscene amounts of golf with manager Doug Dascenzo. Trainer Nate Stewart went to San Antonio as well. I’m not sure if he plays golf.

Also, the Padres added a few more pieces to their staff. Brad Ausmus caught in the big leagues for the better part of a century. I can only assume he’ll be a good addition.

Random thoughts:

  • Went to a Ben Folds concert in Columbus, Ohio last night. His language can become offensive, but there were at least five times when I yelled, “Wow!” That guy is unbelievably talented on the piano and whatever other instruments he decided to play. And anytime someone can give a music theory lesson about tritone substitution mid-concert and people hang on every word (and have someone like me remember it), you know he can work a crowd. Good times.
  • If we just had 60-degree days like this all year, I don’t think anyone would complain.
  • Cleveland still doesn’t like LeBron.
  • Cleveland does like beating the New England Patriots to a pulp. You’d better believe I was talking all kinds of smack to a certain former TinCaps strength coach. His response? “A pig just flew by my window.” That’s funny, because I saw Peyton Hillis fly by about 37 Patriots defenders on Sunday.
  • I should be the last human to point out faux-pas in the men’s fashion world, but this cannot stand: Something weird is going on with the neckwear at ESPN. Merrill Hoge’s ties are bordering on clownish and the style is spreading to everyone not wearing a bowtie. These ties look wider than some scarves I’ve seen, the knots look big enough to tie a boat to a dock and it looks like people’s collars are getting wider to accommodate the giant ties. I saw Hoge breaking down film the other day and his collar was so big, it looked like he was wearing a turtleneck. What is going on here? Would it hurt to change it up with a Blues Brothers-style tie every once in a while?
  • Derek Jeter won a Gold Glove today. says it all: “We can’t believe it either.” That sound you heard was the entire Steinbrenner braintrust’s heads exploding. Good luck trying to use his fielding against him in contract negotiations.
  • The Rays’ top 10 prospect list according to Baseball America is out. Guess what: they still have a good system. The Padres’ list doesn’t come out until February.
  • Peter Gammons wrote something. Read it.
  • Dave Hutte status update: “Full beardage has been reached.” God help us all.

Musical guest, The Blues Brothers!

Take care!


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