Famouser even than Captain Kangaroo

Just a couple of things today…

  • I don’t have to tell you that some logos just aren’t able to hold their hipness for the long haul. The MWL’s Lake County Captains decided they needed an update and here it is. I think everything looks pretty sharp, and maybe my favorite part about the whole thing is that the actual captain may look more like Classic Park fixture and all-around big-timer Captain Tony than the old logo.
  • My college buddy Dave Hutte loves logos and uniforms more than anyone I’ve ever met. We made fun of him a lot for creating new teams on NCAA Football video games, then spending more time designing uniforms than playing football games. Then again, we made fun of Dave Hutte for pretty much everything.
  • I grabbed lunch at Skyline with two of Dave Hutte’s former roommates this weekend in Columbus. Naturally, the conversation went to tormenting Dave Hutte. Two favorites: when he was out of his dorm room, we’d rearrange all his stuff while he was gone. He hated that. Also, one time two people hid in his room. Dave Hutte sat down and turned on his desktop computer (the tower was on the floor). When the computer started to turn on and Dave Hutte looked away, one of these guys reached out from under the bed and turned the computer off. This happened about three more times before the dude grabbed Dave Hutte’s arm and totally freaked him out. Thinking the threat was over, Dave Hutte relaxed, grabbed a blanket and walked over to throw it onto the back of his couch. As the blanket hit the couch, the guy jumped out from behind the couch and yelled as loud as he could. Dave Hutte almost jumped through the ceiling. And it was hilarious.
  • Are we terrible friends for doing this kind of thing to him on a daily basis? Maybe. Nah.
  • A source tells me that a certain former TinCaps strength coach (and current weightlifting pansy) recently electrified a New England wedding reception dance floor by using a certain Midwest dance crew’s moves. The source also claims he passed out EAS Myoplex protein bars to trick-or-treaters for Halloween.
  • Did I mention you can buy Bad Apple Dancers t-shirts now? Fact: wearing these in public gets women to notice you. Even if it’s only them asking, “Are you one of those dancers?” When you answer that you’re not, they lose interest, but that’s mostly your fault for not thinking of something clever to say. Or just lying and saying you’re one of the dancers.
  • Looks like the Cubs are getting a new spring training facility.
  • Managers get too much credit when they win and too much blame when they lose. You can argue the manager hires the rest of the staff so everything ultimately comes back to him, but give credit where credit is due. Underrated coaching move of the off-season so far: Davy Lopes leaving Philadelphia, where the Phillies’ baserunners went nuts with him as first-base coach. (Note: the story doesn’t really factor in player moves maybe being part of the improvement, but the point still stands.)
  • In addition to eating at Skyline this weekend, I also had Mongolian BBQ. And it was fantastic.

Musical guest, Ben Folds!

Take care!


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