There must be some mistake

So I just stumbled upon the MLBlogosphere site, which posts the monthly leaderboards for all MLBlogs. Somehow, some way, The Watson Files was #50 among pro blogs in September. This could mean one of several things:

1. There are only 50 pro blogs in the world (possibly true)

2. People are actually reading this stuff (no chance)

3. My strategy of setting aside an hour per day to just hit “refresh” on my blog finally paid off (probably true)

4. It’s a misprint (almost certainly true)

Let’s recap the entries from September:

  • I didn’t even write my first entry of the month until September 16. So the best month in the blog’s history, I wasn’t even writing for half of it. Beautiful.
  • The entries were about magic numbers and Madden ratings in everyday life. And Burt Reynolds hitting grand slams. And front-office changes and Ken Burns’ “Tenth Inning.”
  • Back-to-back OK Go videos are the only thing I can imagine anyone was really entertained by. One of which is still the best music video I’ve ever seen.

I’m so excited I broke the top 50, I’m going to write another entry.

And seriously, thanks for reading.

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Your blog is one of the many good things about the Tincaps.

Keep up the good work.

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