Chadd Hartman, internet sensation

Found this this morning on and did a double-take.

You probably don’t remember him, but a guy named Chadd Hartman played all of two games for the TinCaps last year, right after the All-Star break when half the team was promoted to Lake Elsinore. Seemed like a nice enough guy, very soft-spoken. Probably better-known to the ladies for his stunning blue eyes and the extra “D” on the end of his name than to scouts for his inside-out swing, but there’s more to life than being able to serve a single to the opposite field, am I right?

Well, he was released by the Padres and didn’t play for anybody this year. Usually that’s the end of the story, but not here.

Hartman also played two games with Triple-A Portland (when that team had an outbreak of the swine flu, allegedly) and wore jersey number 37. Apparently ESPN’s Rob Neyer has some odd fixation with the number 37 and bought the jersey at an auction. Neyer wrote about the experience here, even offering to give the jersey back to him. Hartman caught wind of it and wrote to Neyer. Apparently, Hartman took him up on the offer because we have this.

And that’s the story of how Chadd Hartman, now selling cars in Florida, ended up with his Portland Beavers jersey.

You can now feel free to move on with your life.

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