Seriously, now…

I’m not a scout and I don’t pretend to be one. But when I notice something during a game, I’ll ask people around the team about it, since they know more about this game than I do. Here’s my first run at a scouting-esque look at a few things…

  • Dexter Carter got his first win with the TinCaps in the day game on Wednesday. He ran into trouble in the 3rd inning when he was forced to work from the stretch. When he works from the windup, his windup is in rhythm and the mechanics are fine. When runners are on base, he doesn’t have the same rhythm, his stride foot hits the ground too early and his arm isn’t in the proper throwing position (fingers on top of the ball). He gets on the side of the ball and the command suffers.
  • On the positive end, Carter made the mechanical adjustment later in the game and looked much better from the stretch.
  • Rymer Liriano has a TON of potential. He’s 18, he’s built like a tank, shows all five tools and is still learning the game. Sometimes he’ll “step in the bucket” at the plate, striding toward third base and pull off the ball.
  • Edinson Rincon has made some nice strides with his swing already. Starting the year, he was pulling his front shoulder out a bit too early and hooking everything, but he’s already doing a better job of using the whole field.
  • The knock on Rincon coming into the year was his fielding at third base. In the three-game series at Lake County, he made every play. He doesn’t always look very confident in the field, but he’s 19 and needs more reps out there.
  • Nick Schumacher came back to Fort Wayne from Lake Elsinore. I’m sure it’s not something he wanted to have happen, but the TinCaps really needed help at the back of the bullpen. Schumacher worked a 1-2-3 9th inning last night against Great Lakes to pick up a save and the bullpen worked three perfect innings.
  • Great Lakes is good again. Last year their lineup was loaded and the pitching was hit-and-miss. This year their staff has the best ERA in the league (2.70 going into last night) and the lineup is pretty good, too. Jerry Sands is having a monster start, Brian Cavazos-Galvez looks like a nice hitter (I’ve seen him play all of one game) and I don’t remember many lineups with a No. 8 batter who is 6-foot-5, 257-pounds like Chris Jacobs.
  • The TinCaps have had what’s referred to in the business as a “staff infection” with Padres roving instructors coming in early and often. Personally, I don’t know why it’s referred to as that, since staph infection is unpleasant (and generally happens to Cleveland Browns players) and these guys are nice guys, but I digress. Hitting coordinator Tony Muser, infield/baserunning coordinator (and former Fort Wayne manager) Gary Jones, pitching coordinator Mike Couchee, farm director Randy Smith and minor-league field coordinator Randy Johnson (not that Randy Johnson) have been with the team already.
  • Apparently I can’t upload them from the road, but I’ll post my
    interviews with Smith and
    Muser onto soon. They give pretty good insights into what’s going on with the team and the Padres’ organization as a whole. I didn’t have time to ask every question I wanted to, but they’ll be back.

Now for some ramblings:

  • A four-base error? I guess.
  • The baseball season isn’t officially underway until a prospect gets called up to the big leagues after a hot start. Hello, Justin Smoak.
  • Friday, an article showed up on about how there hadn’t been a game rained out yet this year. Of course, that night there was a rainout. Way to go, FYI, the latest they’ve ever gone in MLB history before the first rainout was in 1985, when the first rainout came on May 20. Of course, it happened in Cleveland.
  • Sure, Rick Reilly… Go ahead and remind us how bad the Browns have been at drafting players. Because everyone had forgotten. Jerk. What’s next, a story about how LeBron is leaving after the season?
  • I’ve been watching the NFL draft a little bit… Why does everyone have to refer to everything as a “football” something? “He’s a tough, hard-nosed FOOTBALL PLAYER.” “He’s going to make the Jaguars a better FOOTBALL TEAM.” “He’s good at going up and catching the FOOTBALL.” Fact: Saying “football” in front of everything doesn’t make it tougher. It’s just a crutch word to buy you an extra second while you think of something more to say.
  • Can we officially ban Matt Millen from being on the premises for the NFL Draft? He torpedoed the Lions as their GM, then today I was watching as he was on ESPN as an analyst. He had to make an awkward apology for something he said to Ron Jaworski that might have offended Polish people. When are people going to learn their lesson?
  • Why in the world is the draft now three days long? Probably for the same reason the NCAA basketball tournament is going to 68 teams. Follow the money, stupid. And watch it detract from what has been a good thing. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.
  • South Bend is pitching someone named Dan Taylor against the TinCaps on Wednesday morning. Turn on your radio at your own risk. The Lieutenant Dan references will come early and often.

And now, in honor of being in Michigan, the only good thing ever to come out of this snake pit… musical guest, Ted Nugent!

Take care!


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