Swung On and Belted

Happy Monday!

Saturday was another chance to get reacquainted with our old friend, Manuel Labor, as we got Parkview Field ready for the season. I had the job of painting the bottom of the outfield wall so it looks green, just like the padding.

After the work day was over, some of us played cornhole… some people call it “bags.” Whatever your preference. Anyway, what started as a few friendly games quickly escalated into a ferocious rivalry. Mitchell Gary McClary and I locked into several close games against Brad Shank and Tyler Baker. We lost the last game, but the general consensus is that we need to institute a championship belt system where the winners get to display their dominance by carrying around WWF-like belts to all future competitions. Only a best-of-3 series defeat would result in a dethroning of the champions. I, for one, can’t wait for this to turn into a post-game addiction once the season starts.

Saturday night was the draft for my keeper fantasy baseball league. I won’t bore you with the entire team, but my first-round pick (technically the 16th round, since we keep 15 players per team) was Ian Stewart (2B, Rockies)… I think he’ll go bonkers and the Rockies will be good this year. I also grabbed Geovany Soto, Rickie Weeks, Wade Davis and Aroldis Chapman in addition to about 37,941 other prospects.

Monday ramblings:

  • Only read this if you want to be thoroughly disgusted. Maybe it’s none of our business, but it’s hard to empathize with someone who’s asking for $1 million a month “to live on.”
  • The injury bug is hitting the Padres’ back fields. Better to take it easy early than to rush and aggravate the injuries.
  • The Padres sent nine guys to minor-league camp. I’m not sure any of them were realistically expected to make the big club.
  • The Cardinals-Twins game was on TV this afternoon… Albert Pujols-Matt Holliday-Colby Rasmus might be the best middle of the order in the National League by the end of the year.
  • Fort Wayne alum Dirk Hayhurst’s book is coming out soon. I have a bookstore gift card burning a hole in my wallet and a season of bus riding to do. This is convenient.

That’s all for now… Take care!



I like to think that I’m Ian Stewart’s biggest fan. I’ve followed him since we were in Springs a few years back. He’s due a huge year, and for your sake and mine I’m hoping this it!

thx for keepin me informed. nice blog

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