It’s All Part of My Rock & Roll Fantasy (Baseball)

Happy Friday!

Can you believe we’re less than two weeks away from Opening Day? I can’t.

I hear there were some pretty good basketball games last night, and some even better Gus Johnson calls on the TV broadcast. I was completely knocked out in the recliner. Maybe this makes me a little less American, but my excuse is that I’m still catching up on sleep from Arizona. And I needed rest so I can stay awake for the Ohio State game tonight.

So a lot of people spend their Saturday nights out with friends, significant others, etc. What you do is your own business. Well, tomorrow night at 10 p.m. I’ll be drafting my keeper fantasy baseball team (The Roger Dorn All-Stars). And in no way is that depressing. The real reason it’s so late is because about half the league lives in the Pacific time zone. But I’ve been waiting for this draft since the end of last season. If you’re new to fantasy baseball (where have you been?), keeper leagues are leagues where you can keep a certain number of players from year to year, which makes it important to know about prospects. You might think I have an unfair advantage in that department, but the fact is, my team hasn’t finished above 8th (in a 10-team league) since I took it over and Terry Byrom (who used to broadcast games here) has been in last place forever. My excuse is that I took over the worst team in the history of fantasy baseball two years ago and I’ve been stockpiling prospects, since it’s impossible to pick up good players in their prime. Anyway, I’m not going to reveal any secrets today (you never know who might be reading… who am I kidding, nobody probably is), but maybe on Monday I’ll get more into this.

Friday ramblings:

And now… musical guest, Bad Company!

Have a great weekend!


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