Required Reading

Happy Wednesday!

So while I was busy boring you with a minute-by-minute recap of our travels back from Arizona, I didn’t really put anything up about baseball. Here are some good thoughts/articles I’ve seen over the last few days:

  • ESPN Stats & Info wrote an Insider article about the “quality start” pitching statistic in baseball, which I think is a completely bogus stat. The minimum criteria for a quality start is go 6 innings and give up 3 earned runs. That seems mediocre to me, but that’s an opinion. Anyway, the article pointed out that, mathematically, when a pitcher goes 6IP, 3ER, his team would win 49.6% of the time. I realize bullpens can blow leads, but when the term “quality start” means you end up with a 4.50 ERA and the team doesn’t even win half the time, shouldn’t we rethink this? I’ve heard the Rangers organization already has. We’ve seen the results with their pitching staff improving a ton over the past few years.
  • Here’s a pretty good summary of the atmosphere of Spring Training by Tim Kurkjian. I was talking to a broadcaster friend who is at Mets’ camp in Florida and we agreed Spring Training is better than going to any major-league regular season game. You can pay for a flight, hotel and tickets to a Spring Training game and get closer to the players for cheaper than you might for similar seats at a regular season game. Plus, the minor-leaguers are all in the same place so you can check out the future.
  • Former MLBer Doug Glanville wrote a spot-on column about the grind of a baseball season. If you read nothing else in this post, read this article. It’s fantastic.
  • The last two days have been the best back-to-back days for website visits to since we put single-game tickets on sale. Hopefully word is getting out about the videos we’ve posted from Spring Training. There’s a lot more where that came from… Interviews with Simon Castro, Brad Brach, Robert Lara and some potential future TinCaps are still on the way.
  • Here’s a slideshow of what’s happening with the grounds crew (not these guys) getting the ballpark ready for the season.

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