Saturday School

Happy Monday!

Saturday was a work day at Parkview Field. Some people headed up an orientation session for seasonal workers, some people were on cleanup/painting duty to get the ballpark ready for the season. I cleaned up the TreeTops area and helped paint the green batter’s eye beyond the center-field wall. Let’s just say this: if any batters are distracted, it won’t be because of the background behind the pitcher. It’s green, and it’s spectacular.

On a related note, I can’t explain why, but after six hours of manual labor, I was more tired than a normal 9-6 work day with a workout following work.

Monday ramblings:

  • Several former TinCaps have gotten playing time so far in MLB Spring Training games. James Darnell is playing quite a bit at third base and Simon Castro pitched a scoreless inning on Saturday.
  • Randy Ready, former Fort Wayne manager, wants to be a long-term answer as the Padres’ hitting coach.
  • Muhammad Ali visited Padres’ camp.
  • One of my friends was at the Braves’ game today and saw Jason Heyward launch his first Spring Training home run. It might not have landed yet.
  • The Indians are unstoppable. Too bad the 3-0 record doesn’t transfer over to, you know, games that count.
  • While watching the Orioles game on TV Sunday, the broadcast cut out because of something called a solar outage. Hmm.
  • Brent Harring spent most of Saturday talking trash about his Milwaukee Bucks beating my Cleveland Cavaliers. He took it all back when he found out LeBron didn’t play. If LeBron spraining his ankle by stepping on Jason Maxiell’s foot isn’t the worst possible way of getting hurt, I don’t know what is. Jason Maxiell makes $5 million a year to put up 6 points and 5 rebounds a game. The NBA: Where ridiculous contracts happen.

That’s all for now!


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