Training Day

Happy Friday!

Right off the top, let’s discuss the movie “Training Day.” I am a huge Denzel Washington fan. His best roles have been as the smart guy… see “Crimson Tide,” “Inside Man,” etc. In “Training Day,” he played a crooked policeman. I didn’t like that, and therefore it’s the worst movie he’s ever been in. Fact.

Now for the good stuff. I’ve acquired photos of The Brain Game from last weekend… If you haven’t kept up (shame on you), The Brain Game is a fund-raiser for the Fort Wayne Center for Learning. Basically a quiz bowl for grown-ups meets a costume party. Well, our team might not have won, but we looked darn good.

Brain Game Web.jpg

I took some liberties with some eye black, in homage to these guys…
Three Amigos.jpg

All in all, probably one of the better costumes ever concocted.

Now for some Friday ramblings…

  • Sean Rodriguez cannot be stopped. He was traded from the Angels to the Rays last year in the Scott Kazmir deal and nobody can get him out through the first two games of Spring Training. The Rays have a pretty good eye for talent, Rodriguez torched Triple-A last year and if he’s anywhere near this productive for the rest of camp, he’ll make it tough for the Rays NOT to take him on the big-league roster.
  • Matt Stairs hit a home run yesterday. I was so pumped when I found out, I felt like I had hit it myself.
  • James Darnell replaced Stairs in the lineup yesterday and got a base hit. He played for the TinCaps last year and yes, he’s good.
  • Mat Latos gave up a run in two innings today, but it seems (without watching the game) that he did a good job. Scoreless one inning, then gave up a leadoff walk to Ken Griffey, Jr., a double to Jose Lopez, then gave up an RBI groundout, struck out the next guy and got the third out without further damage. Lesson: Don’t walk the leadoff guy, even if he was the best player in the game when you were growing up. Not too shabby, all in all.
  • The Brewers suddenly have a lot of speed. Alcides Escobar will start as a rookie at shortstop (saw him play in ’07 in Advanced-A), Carlos Gomez is fast in the outfield and if Rickie Weeks ever stays healthy he could have a big year. They all stole bases today, but it was against Oakland’s Kurt Suzuki, who threw out 25% of runners last year (30% is considered to be about average). Even so, if those guys can get on base, the Brewers will score some runs. The question is if they’ll be able to pitch beyond Yovani Gallardo.
  • I know winning a Spring Training game means nothing, but after a Reds fan friend gave me the business about the Indians this morning, a Tribe win is a perfect start to the weekend.
  • A different buddy is the public address announcer for UCLA baseball. The Bruins played Waseda University from Japan this week. Leading off for Waseda, second baseman, Hiroki Matsunaga. For a PA guy, this is a living nightmare.

And now, musical guest… The Blues Brothers!

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