Spring Loaded

Happy Wednesday!

I can’t decide which I’m more excited about: The box of thin mints on my desk or MLB Spring Training games starting. I suppose it’s the baseball, because everybody who knows anything knows thin mints are best enjoyed after being in the freezer for a while.

While it’s fun to check out box scores from Spring Training, be careful putting too much stock in anything. Especially with the early games. First of all, we’re a month away from real games and sometimes it takes a while for players to get into the swing of things. I’d put a lot more emphasis on how someone is playing on April 3 than May 3. Second of all, make sure the box score includes the pitcher who gives up the extra-base hits. There’s a big difference between hitting a home run off Tim Lincecum and hitting one off somebody named Willie Collazo. Not that hitting homers is ever a bad thing, but stats can mean different things depending on who the opposition is.

I talked with Tom Bradley (TinCaps pitching coach in 2009) yesterday on my way home from work… He’s heading to Spring Training in a few days and can’t wait. I asked him how the off-season went and he used the words “terrible,” “awful” and “horrible,” all in one sentence. Apparently he wasn’t a fan of the Washington, D.C. area turning into a scene from the movie “The Day After Tomorrow.” TB is the pitching coach in Eugene this year, so hopefully he’ll give some scouting reports on the guys who get promoted to Fort Wayne later in the season.

Wednesday ramblings:

  • The headline on this story is about maple bats being outlawed in the minors in 2010, but that’s not the big story to me. The bigger deal is that a limit on the diameter of the barrel of all bats is going into effect. Think about it this way: if you’re used to using a modern tennis racket and then have to start using an old one, wouldn’t that be a huge difference?
  • Here’s a story about Northern Ohio being a baseball haven. I grew up there and had no idea the Christmas Story House or the National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame were in the area. Road trip!
  • Here’s the latest from Padres’ camp… Simon Castro threw in the first simulated game, Lance Zawadzki hurt his ankle and Donovan Tate might get some time in big-league camp.
  • If you think you know anything about MLB’s revenue sharing, read this and be ready to feel dumb. I did a research paper on this stuff for school a few years ago and things have changed completely.
  • More Baseball America… One of their player/writers is retiring. Key sentence: “The sheen of my career is gone, and I love my wife too much.” I’m not even married and that puts things in perspective.
  • The AL East is going to be REALLY good this year. Everybody knows about the Yankees and Red Sox, but the Orioles and Rays have unbelievably good talent in the high minors and the Blue Jays have two good starting pitchers coming off major surgery.
  • I spent $20 on the MLB Gameday Audio package today. Best $20 I spend all year.
  • I had lunch with some family members today… It’s not every day you hear a nickname you’ve been called as long as you remember.
  • Tony Kornheiser being suspended from Pardon the Interruption for two weeks is a bunch of malarkey.

That’s it for now… Take care!


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Bowling Green and the Lake Co Captains are listed in the South Atlantic League…are they now in the Midwest?

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