Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Happy Monday!

So it’s March 1st, it’s sunny and non-arctic outside and the snow is mostly melted at Parkview Field. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think it was getting close to baseball season. In fact, the first Spring Training game is Tuesday. In the words of Joey Lawrence, whoa.

As I previewed last week, a group of us from the office competed in “The Brain Game” this weekend. Our team was in the first preliminary group and we were tied for first place with two questions left, but the last two questions stumped us. The first asked what Ken (as in the Mattel doll)’s last name was (it’s Carson). The second asked which actor appeared in only one James Bond movie (it’s George Lazenby, whoever that is). So out of the seven teams in our group, we finished fourth. It made us feel a little better when the team of parents and teachers, who won our group, ended up winning the whole thing in the final round. So while we were close late in the game, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. And sometimes other things, but mostly horseshoes and hand grenades.

I think the biggest news of the whole night was when four professionally-trained dancers jumped up on the main stage during the final round and did a pretty phenomenal dance to an 80s classic. This is a story for several reasons. First, when the question was asked, “Who were those guys?” nobody knew. Someone answered, “the TinCaps’ grounds crew,” which isn’t the answer anybody was looking for. It’s the Bad Apple Dancers. Remember the name.

Secondly, and more funny, one of the guys told me later that when it became clear they were going to dance, a bunch of women at a table near the stage could barely contain their excitement and yelled a muffled “Oh yeah!” as they started dancing. They even have a logo now, which made its debut at the Brain Game. You’ll see more of it soon.

I spent most of today working on the new It’s not ready yet, but when it is, you won’t know what hit you. It’s amazing how much the Internets have changed in the last few years… The new site will incorporate a lot of the new stuff.

Monday reading:

  • “Scout X” checks in with this piece. It’s pretty good, and I know you can’t name scouts when they’re your source in an article, but it would be pretty sneaky for a writer to just write what he thinks and attribute it to Scout X, wouldn’t it?
  • Doug Dascenzo was introduced as the manager in San Antonio. If you never got a chance to meet him when he was in Fort Wayne, yes, he’s as good of a guy as everybody says he is.
  • Donovan Tate, the No. 3 overall pick in last year’s draft, is in camp early. Good. Prediction: Tate starts the season in extended Spring Training, unless he absolutely goes bonkers in Spring Training games. Think Jaff Decker’s late arrival last year. This is purely me speculating, no inside info.
  • More Padres Spring Training: Wynn Pelzer has a tight hamstring, and Bud Black owes Matt Stairs dinner. Which should be a lot less expensive this year, if all the “Matt Stairs is skinny now” stories are true.
  • Kyle Blanks looks like he could beat a grizzly bear in a Greco-Roman wrestling match.
  • I’ll work on uploading the picture of our Brain Game team. Our get-ups were pretty good.
  • Tuesday is senior night for Ohio State basketball. I hope ESPN televises the pre-game festivities just so I can see Mark Titus of Club Trillion hit Thad Matta with the most awkward one-arm embrace in sports history.

I think that’s it for today… Take care!


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Wrap your head around this, George Lazenby was a British model who had some acting experience and the producers wanted a good-looking guy be Bond for “On Your Majesty’s secret Service’.” So, there you go.

And wasn’t The Proclaimers “500 miles” a 90’s hit? Or maybe it was on a soundtrack from a 90’s movie. Anyway, loved the dance!


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