Forrest Gump Weak

I don’t know if it’s just because of my extended period of time in dreary weather, but the creativity isn’t exactly flowing today… Maybe it’s time for my third vacation of the off-season. Maybe I need to suck it up and deal with it. Either way, instead of the usual standup comedy routine disguised as a blog, here are some updates on what we’ve been doing at Parkview Field lately.

1. This afternoon Allan Wertheimer and I worked on our in-game stat program… We’re trying to get updated stats into the TV broadcasts. It’s tougher than it should be, which tends to be the way it goes.

2. I reformatted some things on the ticket pages of our website. I think they look better now.

3. Speaking of the website, we should have a redesigned sooner than later. It’ll be pretty similar to the old one, but it has the ability to do some pretty nice multimedia stuff. The people in New York say it’ll be done before Opening Day.

4. We’re trying to line up short Spring Training interviews with some MWL alums who are now household names in the big leagues. To be continued.

5. Monday is March 1st, which is ridiculously close to the season starting. Things shift into ludicrous speed for us right around now and it doesn’t stop until September.

I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Forrest Gump has been running nonstop on cable all week. I don’t like this one bit. Everyone knows movies on cable are never as good as they are in the theater with all the editing (for time purposes, commercial interruptions, etc.). But now to have Forrest Gump running all the time completely cheapens the movie for me and may cause people to get sick of it, which should never happen. I want it to be an event when I (and everyone else) watches it. So I’ve boycotted Forrest Gump Week so far and I’ll probably watch it on DVD, the way it was meant to be seen, this weekend.

(More) Friday ramblings:

  • The Padres want to run a little more this year. I like it. Speed, pitching, defense. It’s cheaper, it’s more consistent, it fits Petco Park. The Padres are doing it right.
  • There are five guys going for one spot in the San Diego starting rotation… And Mat Latos is one of them. Last year he was just another goofball running around our clubhouse. Crazy how quickly things can happen.
  • Saturday is the start of accelerated Spring Training for some of the Padres’ best minor-leaguers. Most organizations are doing this now.
  • The hype around Jason Heyward is unbelievable. I almost feel bad for the guy… If he doesn’t produce, he’ll be labeled a bust at the age of 20, which couldn’t be more wrong.
  • I prefer the Matt Wieters hype… At least the hypers have a sense of humor (“Matt Wieters took batting practice this morning. There were no survivors”).
  • There has never been a worse idea for a movie than “Hot Tub Time Machine.” And I’ve seen both “Crank” movies. Not that I’m proud of it.
  • Last night I saw an NBA commercial which ended with the tagline “Where defense happens.” This is about as comical as an NBA commercial ending with “Where traveling happens.” It might happen, but not often.

And now, musical guest… Eddie Vedder!

Have a great weekend! I’ll have a full Brain Game report on Monday!


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Fun and informative, good stuff.


The Three Bs

The Three Bs is not informative, but it is damn fun.

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