Monday Hodgepodge

Happy Monday!

Aside from the fact that Spring Training opens this week(!) for a lot of teams, I don’t really have a lot of substantial material for today. Unfortunately for you, I do have several non-related thoughts.

  • Fort Wayne alum (and now San Diego Padre) Kyle Blanks has lost quite a bit of weight over the off-season, but he’s “not going to be modeling Calvin Klein underwear any time soon,” according to one of San Diego’s strength coaches. Somewhere, Lorraine Baines McFly is extremely disappointed.
  • Hmm… This means Matt Stairs AND Kyle Blanks have both lost weight as they’ve gotten older. I’m waiting for a similar article about Jaff Decker. If it’s not written by the time we get to Peoria next month and he’s looking like an Adonis, you’ll see it here.
  • I caught the new “We Are the World” video over the weekend, which was made to raise money for Haiti. It’s a wonderful cause and it’s good to see people use their fame for something other than themselves. But yikes. They just don’t make “We Are the World” videos like they used to. Am I allowed to say that as a 25-year-old?
  • If the Cavaliers do end up trading for Amare Stoudamire, look out.
  • I’m starting to write some content to be used in our gameday program this season. Writing for print (and a broader audience) is a lot tougher than I remember. Blog writing is easier because I can just use pictures/videos to show exactly what I’m talking about, where I have to use, you know, a vocabulary to write in print. Is this a sign that technology is making us dumber?

I think that’s all for now… Take care!


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