The Hump-Day Dance

Happy Wednesday!

Can you believe we’re a month and a day from the first Padres’ Spring Training game? I’m so excited, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.

I saw this article about Fort Wayne alum Dirk Hayhurst’s book, which was just released. Looks like one I’ll be reading on a bus near you sooner than later.

Speaking of books, I (finally) got a chance to read a big chunk of The Glory of Their Times over the weekend. It was originally written in the 1960s, but it’s basically a series of stories about baseball in the early 1900s as told by the players. It was hugely popular when it was released and has been credited with getting some of the storytellers into the Hall of Fame. Personally, I love the book so far. For whatever reason, I just never really got into the early history of pro baseball as much as I should, so I’m learning a lot. I’ll pass along some of it in the next few weeks, I’m sure. If you haven’t read it, do it.

Back to present tense: the more I hear about the Padres signing Jon Garland, the more I like it. The Dodgers (his former team) are apparently strapped for cash, so they didn’t offer arbitration. Which means the Padres don’t have to give up a draft pick in the 2010 draft to get him. That’s big for any team, especially one that wants to build from within.

Now I have good news and bad news (seriously).

Good news: Local guy Scott Woodward is now playing college baseball at Coastal Carolina and Baseball America did a feature on him. Good reading.

Bad news: Justin Baum was released by the Padres. Too bad… He’s a really good guy, one of my favorite TinCaps from 2009, thanks in large part to the greatest fu manchu in franchise history. Bummer.

Back to good news: The Caribbean Series is on MLB Network. If you’ve never watched it, it’s like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. Last night Venezuela was playing Mexico and one of the only players I’d heard of was Vinny Castilla. Yes, 42-year-old Vinny Castilla of Colorado Rockies fame. The one at-bat I saw, Vin took somebody yard to deep left-center. It was a belt-high fastball, but I was impressed nonetheless. The point is, there’s baseball on TV and we can watch it. This is a good thing.

That’s it from here… Take care!


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What the heck, no Friday music video?! The Nature Boy would not stand for this.

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