Prospects and Priests

Happy Monday!

If you follow Minor League Baseball very closely at all, you probably heard Friday afternoon that A’s prospect Grant Desme is retiring from baseball to go into the priesthood. Professional athlete-in-his-prime-turned-priest would be a big enough story in and of itself, but the fact Desme was the only player in MiLB to hit 30 homers and steal 30 bases in 2009, THEN was the Arizona Fall League MVP, adds a whole other layer. This isn’t some career minor-leaguer giving it up… He’s a good player. But it’s just another reminder that baseball players are people, not just robots who are really good at a game. Desme found something bigger than baseball that he wanted to do and went for it. More power to him.

I don’t remember if I linked to this prospect review of the Padres’ organization, but if I haven’t, check it out. And here’s another one from the San Diego newspaper. The Baseball America prospect handbook should be out soon, which is pretty much looked at as the gold standard. On Wednesday at 8 p.m., the MLB Network will have an hour-long all-prospects show where the Top 50 are unveiled. Consider it required viewing, unless you have bowling to do. Even then, DVR it.

Also, I read that one Matt Stairs has lost 30 pounds over the off-season. Maybe he was sick of people making him into a stereotype. I hope he comes out and makes the Padres’ big-league roster and goes ballistic as a 42-year-old.

One more thing about the whole Matt Stairs-Jaff Decker comparison I keep hearing and I promise I’ll drop it… It is, in fact, possible to get into better shape as you get older. It just takes work. Jaff Decker is from Peoria, Arizona. The Padres’ Spring Training facility is in Peoria, Arizona. He can drive the five minutes to the Padres’ complex and work out with some of the best trainers around, as often as he wants. The only way he could be in a better situation to maintain and improve himself physically is if his dad were Gilad.

Finally, I know it’s an old article, but I thought this was a pretty interesting article about how MLB teams are starting to lose the casual fan. Maybe some should take notes from MiLB teams, where it’s (supposed to be) all about affordable family entertainment. Don’t be surprised if the Texas Rangers are the first to do that, since they are being bought by the group that used to run the Altoona Curve. They know what they’re doing when it comes to the business/promotions side of baseball.

That’s all for today… Take care!


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