Going Conan-do

I know I’ve touched on the whole Conan O’Brien situation (not that you really read this to hear about that… honestly, I’m not even sure anybody reads at all). There was a time I watched him all the time at 12:30, I think he’s the funniest guy on late night TV right now and I think NBC probably thinks he’s funnier than Jay Leno (it’s about the money, stupid). But I’ve watched Conan a few minutes each night this week and he’s been tough to like. If someone were paying me $33 million to do nothing for a few months, and then I was free to do whatever I wanted, I’m not sure I’d be ripping that someone for 90 minutes per night on national TV. If an athlete (and all of his friends) did this after being bought out from a contract, his agent would be using the Drew Rosenhaus method of media relations within 24 hours. But then again, it’s just late-night TV and there are a lot worse things going on in the universe.

Here at the office, several staff members have started the Fort Wayne TinCaps Biggest Loser ExtravaganzaPalooza. The individual who loses the highest percentage of his or her body weight wins and everyone else gets nothing but a better body and, I assume, a happier spouse. I know what you’re wondering and the answer is yes, there is a penalty if you gain weight during the contest. It’s called the Tim Burkhart Clause, and he’ll owe a dollar for every pound he puts on during the festivities. Sometimes it’s a bummer to have your office right next to the food and beverage department. I know what else you’re wondering and the answer is no, I’m not participating because ever since I started working out on a regular basis in July, I’ve gained about five pounds, which is kind of the opposite of the goal. Anyway, that’s just my lame excuse and as a great man once said, excuses are like poems. They’re for sissies, and no one wants to hear ’em. Bill Lehn is leading the losing so far and Burkhart… isn’t. I’m glad they’re taking their training so seriously.

Also this week, I got the opportunity to be insanely jealous of two Midwest League teams who get to play a game at a Major League ballpark. I love Parkview Field and I’m blessed to be able to work here, but it would be pretty unbelievable to call a game at a big-league park. One day…

In a recent post I mentioned that it would be OK if YouTube were ever to shut down, and leave behind only the Alaska Nanooks hockey intro video. Someone astutely corrected me, pointing out that I omitted other iconic videos. So I decided to expand the list a bit.

1. Ric Flair’s Custom Made
2. The Nanooks video
3. You should know this by now

Honorable mention:
This gem from the Club Trillion blog is growing on me. He loses points for pretending to swear at the beginning (a simple “dirtbags” would’ve sufficed… this is a family blog), but gains points for use of special effects during the fundamentals montage.

And, of course, this.

Now for this week’s musical guest, suggested by one Chris Watson (I blame him if you hate it)… Kim Mitchell!

Have a great weekend!


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