End of the Line for Four

Tough one to start the day… Four former TinCaps were released by the Padres in the last couple of weeks: RHP Colin Lynch, INF Joey Railey and OFs Jason Codiroli and Angel Mercado. Lynch was the only one who was here for any sustained amount of time, but this is the equivalent of being fired from your job. It’s just no fun. If they want to keep playing, let’s hope they catch on somewhere else.

I’ll have more tomorrow, hopefully something more positive!


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I have been a Wizards/ Tincaps fan for 5 years since escaping (I mean being transferred) from Detroit. I had never been exposed to minor league ball prior to arriving here. I love the youthful enthusiasm, the hope and the errors. What’s not to love about Parkview? Greatly entertaining stuff.
Todays post answers part of a reoccuring question; what happens to players when they leave Fort Wayne? It is easy to follow the ones who advance through the system. We’ll probably never know what becomes of these four unless they turn up somewhere else in baseball.
It would be a small bit of closure if you could write a line about those who reach the end of the line.

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