Meet the New Boss… Same as the Old Boss

The Padres hired a new Director of Player Development (replacing Grady Fuson) and I think it’s fair to say he’s a familiar face in San Diego. It’s Randy Smith, who was Theo Epstein before Epstein was Theo Epstein. Smith was hired as Padres’ GM at 29 years old and has been all over baseball in all kinds of jobs since. From what I hear, he’s a good guy, a straight shooter and a scout at heart so he seems like the perfect guy for the job.

As you probably know, I consider myself something of a connoisseur of good pre-game intro videos which you see at the game. I thought the TinCaps’ video this past year was darn impressive, but nothing compares to the old Chicago Bulls intro. Until now. If you haven’t seen the Alaska Nanooks hockey intro, you haven’t really lived. Let’s go through this quickly…

1. A hint of the Bulls’ Alan Parson Project intro song at the beginning (best intro ever)
2. A bear flying a fighter jet, Top Gun style (best 80s movie)
3. A bear dropping a bomb into a volcano, leading to the earth blowing up Death Star style (combining the two best nerd-movie series ever in “Lord of the Rings” Mount Doom and “Star Wars” Death Star)
4. Unexplained black-hole/lightning sequence

If they shut down YouTube forever and just left that intro, wouldn’t that be OK? I thought so.

One last thing… Am I the only one who misses Tony Kornheiser saying “Wilbon, lemme AXE you a question!” on PTI? I thought that was one of the funnier recurring lines on the show, but I’m just the radio guy.

That’s it from here…  Take care!


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If they shut down YouTube forever and just left that intro, wouldn’t that be OK? I thought so.

How could you not include “Custom Made”? I’m disappointed.

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