December 2009

Cleveland’s Airing of Grievances

I’m sitting here in the Orchard Team Store at Parkview Field and SportsCenter is on TV. Buster Olney was talking about the possibility of Roy Halladay being traded during the Winter Meetings. While Buster (we’re on a first-name basis) was talking, they showed footage of Halladay mowing down hitters. Hitters from the Cleveland Indians. At a game in Cleveland. Am I the only one who notices that an inordinate number of “this player is awesome” highlight reels are showcases of Athlete X dominating a Cleveland team? Before he came to Cleveland, the entire “Jamal Lewis is awesome” reel was the game (against the Browns) when he ran for 297 yards, Tecmo-bowl style. Defenders ran up to him, then flew 10 feet up in the air and laid there for 3 seconds, shook their heads and started running again. Michael Jordan apparently made 95 percent of his highlight plays against the Cavaliers (the other five percent is the up-and-under layup against the Knicks).

Meanwhile, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland. They celebrated their 25th anniversary with a star-studded concert. At Madison Square Garden. In New York. What?

Also, it’s snowing outside. I don’t know how, but Fort Wayne roads instantly turn into ice rinks at the slightest sign of rain/snow/cold. There was not a single road in town where traffic was moving faster than 15 mph this morning.

With that in mind, enjoy musical guest… the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

My next post should be from the Winter Meetings.

Have a good Monday!


How Braylon Edwards is Ruining My Life

The end of the week got busy. I visited the Air National Guard base (I’ll post pictures when they’re declassified) and if you’ve been keeping track of the website, there’s been a lot of TinCaps news which I’ve been writing about.

Now… on to the topic at hand: Braylon Edwards is ruining my life.

1. He’s a Michigan alum. Dealbreaker.

2. Other than one good year, he torpedoed my Browns by dropping approximately 7.2 passes per game. Meanwhile he apparently became a model. When he was traded to the Jets, I thought he was out of my life forever. No such luck.

3. Thursday night: Thomas Jones, the Jets’ running back, is on my fantasy team. The Jets were driving. Against all odds, Edwards caught a pass inside the five yard line. I thought he was going to be tackled at the one, leaving an easy touchdown for Thomas Jones, but Edwards got in. No touchdown for the Cobra Kai fantasy football team. I guess ruining my real team wasn’t enough for him.

So yes, Braylon Edwards… ruining my life, no matter what he’s doing. Of course, I say that as the Colts just handed off to Joseph Addai for a touchdown, taking another touchdown away from usual fantasy-point-machine Peyton Manning. When Braylon Edwards is catching touchdowns and Peyton Manning isn’t throwing touchdowns, it’s pretty clear that it’s just not in the cards this year.

This might be the only time soccer is mentioned here, ever. Chris Watson and I were discussing that on Mike and Mike in the Morning last week, the TV broadcast had a scroll of World Cup teams and their nicknames. My personal favorite is the Slovakia Fighting Jondas, because one of my college roommates joined a fraternity nicknamed Jonda and I didn’t see him for two solid months. The only way I knew he was still alive was the growing pile of clothes on his chair. If Slovakia’s soccer tactics are as tough to track as my old roommate, look out. Chris was more of a fan of the Greek team’s Pirate Ship nickname. And who could blame him?

There’s a lot to talk about lately from TinCapsLand… I’ll talk about it at some point. Just know that there’s an ongoing battle between Mitch McClary and the local goose population, and this week the TinCaps are going to the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis. In addition to the trade talks, Rule 5 Draft, etc., the Winter Meetings are where league meetings, business seminars and other business-oriented conferences happen. It’s also a good place to see celebrities (if you’re into that kind of thing). I’ll be there starting Tuesday morning, so I’m sure I’ll have a report.

Have a good Sunday!

TinCaps Episode II: Return of the Fu Manchu

Two entries in two days? Don’t get used to it… Big announcements from the TinCaps today.

So remember yesterday when I said we’d know soon about the 2010 coaching staff? I wasn’t kidding. The Padres told us today who the TinCaps’ 2010 staff will be. It’s manager Jose Flores, pitching coach Bronswell Patrick, hitting coach Tom Tornincasa (returning) and athletic trainer Nate Stewart (returning… sort of).

The big news here is that Tom Tornincasa and his fu manchu are coming back to the Fort. Hopefully a player pulls a Justin Baum and grows one so when they get a base hit and Torny’s coaching first, they have dueling fu’s at first base. Is it disappointing to you that this is what the radio guy thinks about before the whole “Tom Tornincasa is good at teaching hitters how to hit” thing?

Avid fans may remember Stewart from such hits as the 2009 Fort Wayne TinCaps’ month of May. He was assigned to Eugene last year, but came here filling in when Ernie Vega took a job with the U.S. Marine Corps. When the Padres hired Dan Turner to finish out the season, Stewart went back to Eugene. For you rabid Dan Turner fans out there, he’s going to Eugene this year. The ladies of Fort Wayne are weeping, I can tell.

I’m already finding some good info on the new guys… especially Bronswell Patrick. He pitched in the big leagues for parts of two years, but more interestingly he played in the Mexican League and the Chinese Professional League. In China, he played for a team called the Brother Elephants. He was also scheduled to be one of the replacement players during the 1994 players’ strike, but the strike was resolved before they could play any games. He ended up debuting in 1998, which was not a good year to be a pitcher.

In other news, I forgot to talk yesterday about the Tennessee Titans. They’re good, suddenly, and so is Vince Young. In addition to being suddenly good, they’re becoming notorious for their post-game celebrations. A couple of weeks back, their owner gave people in Buffalo the California Howdy. Then Vince Young decided to high-five the ref on his way off the field last week. I figured after Young drove the Titans on a game-winning 99-yard drive this week, we’d get some sort of Peter Griffin-inspired performance finishing with jazz hands. All we got was Vince high-fiving fans. BOOOORRRRRRRING.

I think that’s it for today… More tomorrow.

Take care!