Last Work Day of the Decade

Not much to talk about today… Former Fort Wayne closer Jackson Quezada re-signed with the Padres on a minor-league deal. He was taken off the 40-man roster recently, I assume mostly because an arm injury shelved him for the whole 2009 season. He’s back in the fold now.

So today I was working on the 2010 media guide when I stumbled upon this gem from the 2009 Big East baseball tournament…

Apparently this was during a five-hour rain delay and they never ended up playing that night… But UConn ended up beating USF two games in a row to advance to the Big East title game (which they lost to Louisville).

Also, the Padres traded for Dusty Ryan the other day. I saw him in the Eastern League in 2008… REALLY good arm for a catcher, was among the league leaders in throwing out runners stealing… Had some pop, but Erie’s ballpark is built literally next door to the hockey/basketball arena so the left-field fence was about 290 feet away and right up against the arena, so guys would hit bombs onto the roof all the time. Still, the Padres’ system isn’t exactly flush with catching depth so it’s another low-risk addition.

Today is December 23rd, known by all good Seinfeld fans as Festivus. If you didn’t know about this, watch this or we’re no longer friends.

Today is also Ryan Ledman‘s last day of work with the TinCaps. His wife got a job in a wonderful city in Ohio so he’s leaving us. So e-mail him and tell him you enjoyed his dance moves during his time with the Bad Apple Dancers. I should probably also tell you that Ryan’s position is already filled (both dancing and selling tickets), so I’ve saved you some trouble.

Speaking of Cleveland, I’m going to be in northeast Ohio this weekend. The Browns are home against the Raiders. Brady Quinn is done for the year, so Derek Anderson is back in as the starting quarterback.

: Anderson’s 4th-quarter QB rating this year is 3.1.
Fact: You could go 0-for-900 in a game with no interceptions and still have a 2.1 QB rating.
Fact: Former Browns great Charlie Frye is starting for Oakland.

If this game is blacked out on TV, I am giving serious thought to finding someone to go with me, getting tickets from a scalper (in exchange for a handshake and a pair of winter gloves) and watching the mayhem in person. I’m half-convinced Al Davis actually passed away in 2003 and the Raiders have been the real-life “Weekend at Bernie’s” since then. On the other sideline? Eric Mangini, who could very well be in his next-to-last game as coach of the Browns. This could be the most hilariously bad game in NFL history. Or it could be awesome, like last week when Jerome Harrison went nuts against Kansas City. I’m not really interested in freezing on a Sunday afternoon, but if that’s what it takes to see this game, I might do it.

That’s about all from here… Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I’m heading home today so I’m not sure how much I’ll post during the next week, so I’ll talk to you when I talk to you!

And now, musical guest… Bruce Springsteen!

Take care, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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