When Not in Rome

I thought I was done for the day, but you’re stuck with me for a quick second. Before I head out for the night, wanted to pass along that two Fort Wayne alums were taken in the minor-league phase of the Rule 5 Draft this morning.

RHP Rolando Valdez and LHP Orlando Lara, both of whom played in Fort Wayne in 2007, both were selected by the Mets.

The Padres took somebody named Hayden Beard (RHP) in the minor-league phase. Apparently he’s Australian and has pitched in the Mets’ organization. Other than that, I couldn’t find anything on him. Not sure what the Padres-Mets connection is, but it’s odd that the Mets would take two guys from the Padres and the Padres would take one from the Mets.

Also, it’s Rule 5, not Rule V. This is not ancient Rome, the Super Bowl or WrestleMania.

Something that slipped by a couple of weeks ago deserves a mention: the Padres also picked up RHP Radhames Liz off waivers from Baltimore. His stuff is crazy good, but his command is not. Like so many other teams do, the Padres are taking a chance on him putting it together.

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