TinCaps Episode II: Return of the Fu Manchu

Two entries in two days? Don’t get used to it… Big announcements from the TinCaps today.

So remember yesterday when I said we’d know soon about the 2010 coaching staff? I wasn’t kidding. The Padres told us today who the TinCaps’ 2010 staff will be. It’s manager Jose Flores, pitching coach Bronswell Patrick, hitting coach Tom Tornincasa (returning) and athletic trainer Nate Stewart (returning… sort of).

The big news here is that Tom Tornincasa and his fu manchu are coming back to the Fort. Hopefully a player pulls a Justin Baum and grows one so when they get a base hit and Torny’s coaching first, they have dueling fu’s at first base. Is it disappointing to you that this is what the radio guy thinks about before the whole “Tom Tornincasa is good at teaching hitters how to hit” thing?

Avid fans may remember Stewart from such hits as the 2009 Fort Wayne TinCaps’ month of May. He was assigned to Eugene last year, but came here filling in when Ernie Vega took a job with the U.S. Marine Corps. When the Padres hired Dan Turner to finish out the season, Stewart went back to Eugene. For you rabid Dan Turner fans out there, he’s going to Eugene this year. The ladies of Fort Wayne are weeping, I can tell.

I’m already finding some good info on the new guys… especially Bronswell Patrick. He pitched in the big leagues for parts of two years, but more interestingly he played in the Mexican League and the Chinese Professional League. In China, he played for a team called the Brother Elephants. He was also scheduled to be one of the replacement players during the 1994 players’ strike, but the strike was resolved before they could play any games. He ended up debuting in 1998, which was not a good year to be a pitcher.

In other news, I forgot to talk yesterday about the Tennessee Titans. They’re good, suddenly, and so is Vince Young. In addition to being suddenly good, they’re becoming notorious for their post-game celebrations. A couple of weeks back, their owner gave people in Buffalo the California Howdy. Then Vince Young decided to high-five the ref on his way off the field last week. I figured after Young drove the Titans on a game-winning 99-yard drive this week, we’d get some sort of Peter Griffin-inspired performance finishing with jazz hands. All we got was Vince high-fiving fans. BOOOORRRRRRRING.

I think that’s it for today… More tomorrow.

Take care!


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