And We’re Off

The irony of the above title is that from here through Labor Day, the TinCaps will have a total of a dozen days off over the course of 152 days. The first of 140 games in that span is Thursday night at 6:30 p.m. on the road against the Lake County Captains. (Opening Night at Parkview Field is Saturday, April 9 at 6:05 p.m. Get your tickets here if you haven’t already.)

Graphic Design Credit: Tony DesPlaines

Graphic Design Credit: Tony DesPlaines

But to use the analogy of this being a race — an ultramarathon of sorts — you could say the starting sound went off on Sunday, as the 2016 TinCaps flew from Phoenix to Chicago and bused to Fort Wayne. Spring Training in Peoria, Arizona, is over, and now the team is in town.

Today was TinCaps Media Day and the squad’s first workout at Parkview Field. Before we get to that, however, let’s check out the coverage of the team’s initial arrival.


  • The Journal Gazette‘s Chris Goff caught up with new TinCaps manager Anthony Contreras and returning left-handed pitcher Taylor Cox on their excitement for the new season as the team got off the bus.
  • The News-Sentinel‘s Reggie Hayes on Anthony Contreras‘ memories of Fort Wayne from his time playing for the Wizards in 2008, plus an early outlook for the season.
  • WANE-TV’s Jessica Starbard also talked to Anthony Contreras and Taylor Cox, as well as returning outfielder  Michael Gettys.
  • WFFT’s Michael Bundt spoke to Anthony ContrerasTaylor Cox, and Michael Gettys, too.
  • 21 Alive’s Dean Pantazzi with more from Anthony Contreras on his Fort Wayne playing days and two players to watch for this season.

Check back here tomorrow for a roundup from a busy TinCaps Media Day.


Today in Low-Hanging Fruit…

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Now in 2016, a new season of TinCaps baseball is a mere three months away.

And with that in mind, the team has begun to accept applications for 2016 part-time, seasonal staff at Parkview Field. You can learn more and apply here.

For many, getting a new job — perhaps even one with the TinCaps — is a New Year’s resolution.

While we don’t expect him to be submitting an application at Parkview Field, football Tom Coughlin is potentially looking for work now after he resigned, but-was-kind-of-fired, as head coach of the New York Giants.

He may not have won enough games to keep his job, but Coughlin’s final press conference with the Giants was a great lesson on leadership.

Meanwhile, the most common New Year’s resolution figures to be getting into better shape. ESPN football writer Bill Barnwell shared how he lost 125 pounds in 2015.

Via, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell

What did he say was the easiest way to do it? Gaining 175 pounds before that… It’s a great story to read — even if weight loss isn’t your goal — as Barnwell opens up about not only body image issues but also depression and achieving goals.

Now from football to baseball — but wait, actually back to football… How about this story: The Browns hired the Mets’ Vice President of Player Development and Scouting, Paul DePodesta, to be their “Chief Strategy Officer.” He’s the guy who Jonah Hill’s character in Moneyball is based after.

Via, DePodesta (right) with Mets manager Terry Collins / Photo Credit: Paul J. Bereswill (AP)

Even knowing that DePodesta lettered in football at Harvard, it sounds quite odd. However, Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci makes the case that this isn’t an example of the Browns being inept or seeking headlines, and that the genius DePodesta could be a game-changing hire.

Well, whether you’re seeking a new job, looking to get in better shape, or accomplish something else, HBO’s John Oliver humorously cautions us not to aim too high with our resolutions.


Personally, I lost some of my zeal for goals in the new year after watching this 60 Minutes story on a 12-year-old, world-class pianist. No matter what I commit to doing, it’ll pale in comparison to Joey Alexander’s ability. Watch in wonder…

Speaking of amazingly talented folks, the Baseball Hall of Fame is about to announce its Class of 2016, which is expected to feature Ken Griffey, Jr., probably Mike Piazza, and…? We’ll soon find out, and then a lot of people will argue about it online.

I don’t quite have the energy for that (saving it to watch Making A Murderer), but if you’ve got an opinion on the matter, feel free to email, leave a comment below, or tweet @John_G_Nolan. Thanks for reading!

Baseball Is Back-ish

Ok, so the headline is a bit misleading. And no, it’s not the name of a new show coming to ABC.

You see, we’re still a couple-plus months away from pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training. (The precise countdown is here with a schedule of each team’s report dates here. Opening Day 2016 at Parkview Field, remember, is Saturday, April 9 at 6:05 PM.) But baseball is back in the forefront of sports news headlines this week as the Winter Meetings are being held in Nashville. (Again, not a reference to a show on ABC.)

For most fans, the Winter Meetings are known as the time when MLB general managers gather to make trades and sign free agents. While writing this, Padres GM A.J. Preller dealt a 2010 TinCap, Jedd Gyorko, to the Cardinals in exchange for Jon Jay, the outfielder — not the Founding Father.

There’s a lot more going on in Nashville, though. In fact, the TinCaps have cowboy boots on the ground in the Music City, and so does just about every other team in Minor League Baseball. While the Prellers of the world wheel and deal, there’s also a major trade show, plus seminars, workshops, and more. (See the whole Winter Meetings agenda here.)

Part of that “more” includes a banquet and an awards luncheon. The TinCaps were well represented there.

Here are some tweets from TinCaps Vice President of Finance Brian Schackow, who’s in Nashville with (from left to right in the picture below) Owner Jason Freier, President Mike Nutter, Merchandise Manager Jen Klinker, and Head Groundskeeper Keith Winter:

To recap…

Not a bad showing for Fort Wayne on both a league-wide and national stage.


As mentioned above, the Job Fair is a major aspect of the Winter Meetings for people looking to work in baseball. Benjamin Hill of has four job-seekers chronicling their daily experiences there on his blog.

One of those writing about the job search is David Lauterbach, who’s currently a senior at Syracuse (meaning he was a freshman when I was a senior there). David also wants to attain a job as a broadcaster.

If nothing else, you’ll learn more about the Winter Meetings by reading their entries.


Today’s something of a sad day if you’re a fan of music, or really just humanity. (Hopefully everyone is pro-humanity.) John Lennon was killed 35 years ago on this date.

Did you know the largest Beatles concert took place at a ballpark? More than 55,000 saw The Beatles play at Shea Stadium on Aug. 15, 1965. It was the first time a large outdoor stadium was used to host a show of such magnitude.


Coming up, we’ll take a look at the various Padres prospect rankings that have come out recently to check in on TinCaps past and future.

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2015 TinCaps End-of-Season Video

The end of the the season is a bummer, at least when it’s as fun as the one the TinCaps had in 2015. One silver lining to the end of the year in Fort Wayne, though, is knowing we’ll get to see the phenomenal work of the TinCaps’ video department in the form of a season-in-review video.

It seems like every year they set the bar higher and higher, making it tougher and tougher to top, yet once again, Video Production Manager Melissa Darby, Assistant Video Production Manager Jared Law, and Video Production Assistant Jordan Ratti came through in a BIG WAY with another outstanding video for this season.

Check out the 2015 highlights from on the field and off.

And here are the end-of-season videos from years prior…

If you’re not aware, Melissa, Jared, and Jordan are the ones who create everything you see on the video board at Parvkiew Field — from videos to headshots. They also oversee the broadcasts we have on Comcast Network 81. Jordan was our producer this season, and often had to wear more hats than that.

To my knowledge, out of Minor League Baseball’s 160 teams, the only other team to have a TV broadcast for all 70 home games (that’s not just a radio simulcast) is the Triple-A Lehigh Valley IronPigs. This obviously isn’t easy to pull off.  And it wouldn’t be possible in Fort Wayne without the help of our production crew.

From operating cameras to audio to graphics to instant replays and directing, they enable TinCaps fans the unique opportunity to watch every game live. Of course the hours aren’t ideal and, at times for those on camera, the conditions aren’t either. Nevertheless, this was not only a talented team of veterans and newcomers alike in 2015, but also a positive and fun group whose hard work shouldn’t be overlooked. Simply put, without them and their selfless attitudes, there are no broadcasts.


In the spirit of BIG FUN, a BIG THANKS to Tim, Mason, Matt, Jake, Chris, Kale, Doug, David, Tim, Adam, Carrie, Jose, Noah, Rob, Cory, Brice, Jamel, Kaitlyn, and Derek.

While we’re at it, thanks, too, to Dave DosterBobby PierceJavi DeJesus, and Kevin Fitzgerald who joined me on air this year. It’s great to have the baseball expertise of Dave, Bobby, and Javi, and Kevin clearly has a bright future in broadcasting.

Finally, if you’re a viewer, then the biggest of thank yous goes to you for tuning in! Already looking forward to hitting the air next year at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 9.

The Green Fields of the Mind

Since the 2015 TinCaps season ended on Thursday, allow us to borrow a page from Red Sox broadcaster Joe Castiglione, who, during the final broadcast of every Boston season, borrows a page from A. Bartlett Giamatti.

On top of being a Red Sox fan, Giamatti was the seventh Commissioner of Major League Baseball from April 1, 1989-Sept. 1, 1989, when he died suddenly of a heart attack at 51. Before becoming Commissioner, Giamatti was the National League’s President for three seasons.

(He’s also the father of actors Paul and Marcus Giamatti, and Elena, who’s not famous enough to have a Wikipedia page.)

A. Bartlett Giamati (Photo Credit: Brad Trent, Yale Alumni Magazine)

Prior to Giamatti’s tenure in baseball, he was the President of Yale University — his alma mater. At Yale, he taught English Renaissance literature.

In 1977, he wrote an essay called The Green Fields of the Mind. For background, it’s about his emotions following the final Red Sox game that year, a loss that kept Boston out of the playoffs.

Here’s an excerpt:

It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone. You count on it, rely on it to buffer the passage of time, to keep the memory of sunshine and high skies alive, and then just when the days are all twilight, when you need it most, it stops. Today, October 2, a Sunday of rain and broken branches and leaf-clogged drains and slick streets, it stopped, and summer was gone…

That is why it breaks my heart, that game–not because in New York they could win because Boston lost; in that, there is a rough justice, and a reminder to the Yankees of how slight and fragile are the circumstances that exalt one group of human beings over another. It breaks my heart because it was meant to, because it was meant to foster in me again the illusion that there was something abiding, some pattern and some impulse that could come together to make a reality that would resist the corrosion; and because, after it had fostered again that most hungered-for illusion, the game was meant to stop, and betray precisely what it promised.

Of course, there are those who learn after the first few times. They grow out of sports. And there are others who were born with the wisdom to know that nothing lasts. These are the truly tough among us, the ones who can live without illusion, or without even the hope of illusion. I am not that grown-up or up-to-date. I am a simpler creature, tied to more primitive patterns and cycles. I need to think something lasts forever, and it might as well be that state of being that is a game; it might as well be that, in a green field, in the sun.

In Fort Wayne, on September 10, a Thursday, summer was gone.

You can find the full essay here, or listen to Giamatti read it himself below.

Opening Day 2016 at Parkview Field is set for Saturday, April 9 at 6:35 p.m. against the Lake County Captains. Before we look forward to that, there’s plenty to look back on at this 2015 season. And we’ll have time to do that now that summer is gone.


The 2015 TinCaps Season Is Over

The 2015 TinCaps season ended at Parkview Field on Thursday night, as Fort Wayne fell to the West Michigan Whitecaps, 2-1, in Game 2 of the best-of-three Eastern Division Semifinals.

With the conclusion of one of the most successful seasons in Fort Wayne franchise history, comes a variety of thoughts and feelings.

But today, Sept. 11, doesn’t feel like the right time to dwell on TinCaps baseball. We can do that later.

Of all days, today is one to reflect on what happened 14 years ago, when 2,977 people died in this country as a result of terrorist attacks.

Since this is a baseball-centric blog, though, here are a couple of ways in which America’s pastime helped America heal following 9/11.


ESPN’s 30 for 30 films released a short today on President George W. Bush’s first pitch before Game 3 of the 2001 World Series.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


Prior to the Yankees reaching the World Series, the first professional sporting event in New York after Sept. 11, 2011, was 10 days later at Shea Stadium where the Mets hosted the Braves.

Mike Piazza stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the 8th inning with the Mets down.

(A Midwest League sidenote: Steve Karsay, who allowed that home run, was the pitching coach for the Lake County Captains this season and in 2013.)


I’m not so sure why we like to share what we were doing or where we were when major events happened. I guess it’s not a bad thing, so I’ll partake.

On Sept. 11, 2001, I was a 5th grader at St. Helena’s in Edison, N.J. — about 31 miles by car from the World Trade Center. While sitting in Mrs. Camposano’s math class, our principal, Sister Charles, announced over the PA that a plane had hit one of the Twin Towers. I remember not thinking much of it, figuring it must’ve been a small propeller plan that accidentally crashed.

Our math lesson on fractions, or decimals, or whatever it was, continued. A bit later during the period, one of the school’s administrative assistants, Mrs. Morabito, popped her head into the room and said something about The Pentagon. At this point in time, I was an A student in social studies, but I had no clue what The Pentagon was or why it was being brought up. I think the word “terrorism” came up, too, which also was new to me.

The bell eventually rang and we went on to the next class. Soon, though, parents began to pick their kids up, and by lunch, my Mom came to pick me up with my sister, Katie, and another kid from our neighborhood, Shakir.

Without having seen any images, it still hadn’t crossed my mind that this was what it was. The idea of the buildings collapsing was unfathomable to me, especially since my family had just been in Lower Manhattan by the towers a couple weeks before. I finally realized the severity of the situation when my Mom came and wasn’t her usual self, but noticeably upset. She explained how it wasn’t a small propeller plane, and it wasn’t an accident, and the buildings had indeed gone down.

When we got home, my Mom told me not to watch TV. So as a 10-year-old, naturally, I turned on the TV. I consider myself something of a news junkie now, and had the makings of that back then, and watched news coverage the rest of the day. On Sept. 11, 2001, I found out what The Pentagon is, what terrorism is, that Afghanistan is a country, and a whole lot more I wish I hadn’t needed to know yet.

Although my parents previously lived and worked in New York City near the Twin Towers, they no longer did in 2001. No one in my family was among the victims. However, my Aunt Liz’s best friend, Colleen, lost her husband, Joe Spor, who was a FDNY firefighter. Joe, a 35-year-old father of four, was in the first tower when it collapsed. You can read more about the kind of man Joe was here.


Bruce Springsteen’s album The Rising is largely a collection of reflections on 9/11.

Thanks for reading.

— John

June 30 vs. Bowling Green (Game 74)

Fort Wayne TinCaps (3-2, 35-38) vs. Bowling Green Hot Rods (2-3, 39-36)

RHP Dinelson Lamet (2-4, 3.86) vs. RHP Chris Pike (6-2, 3.65)

Tuesday, June 30 — Parkview Field — First Pitch 7:05 p.m.  —  Game 74

LISTEN: ESPN Radio 1380 (WKJG) / / TuneIn Radio App

WATCH: Comcast Network 81

ABOUT LAST GAME: The TinCaps shut out the Bowling Green Hot Rods, 2-0, in the opener of their three-game series at Parkview Field. Thomas Dorminy became the second Fort Wayne starter this year to work seven innings as he limited BG to four hits and a walk. Colby Blueberg followed with two scoreless innings for the save. Both TinCaps runs came in the fourth. Nick Torres delivered an RBI double, while Franchy Cordero added a run-scoring single.

SHUTOUT: Monday was Fort Wayne’s third shutout victory of the season, and third since May 31. That was when blanked West Michigan at Parkview Field. Fort Wayne also shut out Beloit in Wisconsin on June 5. As a reward, TinCaps pitchers were given the chance to take batting practice on the field this afternoon.

PITCHING WINS: The TinCaps are 7-2 over their last nine games. During the stretch, Fort Wayne has allowed a total of 13 runs (11 earned) and has an ERA of  1.16.

TORR-ID STRETCH: Outfielder Nick Torres is on a season-long 14-game hitting streak. It’s tied for the sixth longest hitting streak in the Midwest League this season, and the longest for a TinCap. During the stretch, Torres is 22-for-54 (.407) with a .441 OBP. Seven of his hits have been doubles. On the year, Torres leads the MWL with 25 doubles and is tied for the league lead in extra-base hits with 29. His .332 batting average is second in the circuit to only Lansing’s Ryan McBroom (.347). With 84 hits so far, Torres is on pace for the second most hits in a season in franchise history. Josh Barfield holds the franchise record with 164 hits in 2002.

HOT AT HOME: The TinCaps have won seven games in a row at Parkview Field and five consecutive series in Fort Wayne.

THE OTHER GUYS: Bowling Green’s roster features the following Tampa Bay Rays prospects: No. 10 C Nick Ciuffo

No. 17 OF Justin Williams

***Complete Game Notes***


063015 vs BG - Lineup


  1. #1 Michael Gettys CF — Has FW’s lone HR over last 11 G (Thurs. @ GL).
  2. #12 Ruddy Giron SS — Best wRC+ (179) in MWL among hitters w/ 111+ PA.
  3. #10 Nick Torres DH — Celebrating his 22nd birthday today.
  4. #16 Trae Santos 1B* — 36 walks (tied for 8th most in league).
  5. #34 Franmil Reyes DH — Has drawn 10 walks in June (10 total April + May).
  6. #22 Franchy Cordero LF* — In June: .304 AVG with 1 HR and 7 RBI.
  7. #25 Luis Tejada 3B — Leads team with 6 RBI since debut on June 17.
  8. #21 Jose Ruiz C — Leads MWL catchers with 32 runners thrown out.
  9. #3 Mitch Morales 2B* — Making his debut in a TinCaps uniform.

* Left-Handed Batter


Nick Torres may be in the midst of a 14-game hitting streak, but he’s not superstitious and recently changed his walkup from “Chains” by Nick Jonas to this…

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June 29 vs. Bowling Green (Game 73)

The TinCaps are back in the Summit City.

Fort Wayne TinCaps (2-2, 34-38) vs. Bowling Green Hot Rods (2-2, 39-35)

LHP Thomas Dorminy (5-5, 4.41) vs. RHP Henry Centeno (4-4, 4.81)

Monday, June 29 — Parkview Field — First Pitch 7:05 p.m.  —  Game 73

LISTEN: ESPN Radio 1380 (WKJG) / / TuneIn Radio App

WATCH: Comcast Network 81

ABOUT LAST GAME: The TinCaps fell in the final of their four-game series at Great Lakes, 2-1. The Loons scored once in the second and again in the sixth off Fort Wayne starter Ernesto Montas. At the plate, the TinCaps scored their lone run in the seventh on a Luis Tejada RBI single. Fort Wayne and Great Lakes split the four-game series.

ROLLIE FINGERS: Hall of Fame pitcher Rollie Fingers is at Parkview Field signing autographs as part of The Principal Financial Dreams Tour. Although well known for his waxed handlebar mustache, Fingers is one of only five relief pitchers in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Fingers pitched for the Oakland A’s from 1968-76, the Padres from ‘77-80, and for the Milwaukee Brewers from ‘81-82 and ‘84-85.

  • 7-time All-Star (1973-76, ‘78, ‘81, ‘82)
  • 3-time World Series champ (1972-74)
  • World Series MVP (1974)
  • AL Cy Young Award (1981)
  • 4-time Rolaids Relief Man of the Year (1977-78, ‘80-81)

ROSTER MOVE: The Padres sent infielder Chase Jensen up to Advanced-A Lake Elsinore on Monday. To replace him, the TinCaps have received infielder Mitch Morales (no relation to manager Francisco Morales) from Short-Season A Tri-City. The 24-year-old Jensen had the best fielding percentage among Fort Wayne infielders while hitting .197 with 2 HR and 17 RBI in 40 games. Morales, 20, was selected by the Padres in the 29th round of last year’s draft out of Florida Atlantic University. The Florida native was 9-for-23 (.391) through his first six games in the Northwest League.

HOT AT HOME: The TinCaps have won six games in a row at Parkview Field and five consecutive series in Fort Wayne.

PITCHING WINS: In June, the TinCaps have a 2.85 ERA. That’s the lowest in the Eastern Division, and second to only Quad Cities (2.77) in the Midwest League. Fort Wayne is 13-9 this month.

Complete Game Notes


062915 vs. BG - Lineup

  1. #1 Michael Gettys CF — Has FW’s lone HR over last 10 G (Thurs. @ GL).
  2. #12 Ruddy Giron SS — Sat Sun. for first time since joining team on May 18.
  3. #10 Nick Torres RF — On team season-long 13-game hitting streak.
  4. #16 Trae Santos 1B* — 36 walks (tied for 7th most in league).
  5. #34 Franmil Reyes DH — Has drawn 10 walks in June (10 total April + May).
  6. #22 Franchy Cordero LF* — Two hits Sun. for second time in last three.
  7. #25 Luis Tejada 3B — Leads team with 6 RBI since debut on June 17.
  8. #23 Michael Miller C — Making Parkview Field debut.
  9. #9 Felipe Blanco 2B — Made two highlight-reel plays at second on Sunday.

* Left-Handed Batter


Before Sunday’s game, Kevin caught up with Manager Francisco Morales.


From the year Rollie Fingers won the AL Cy Young…

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June 28 at Great Lakes (Game 72)

A pleasant Sunday afternoon to you.

Fort Wayne TinCaps (2-1, 34-37) @ Great Lakes Loons (1-2, 39-32)

RHP Ernesto Montas (6-4, 3.71) vs. RHP Grant Holmes (3-0, 3.68)

Sunday, June 28, 2015 — Dow Diamond (Midland, MI) — First Pitch 2:05 p.m.  —  Game 72

LISTEN: ESPN Radio 1380 (WKJG) / / TuneIn Radio App

ABOUT LAST NIGHT: The TinCaps were locked in another one-run game with the Great Lakes Loons on Saturday and prevailed, 2-1. Brad Wieck won his second straight start and struck out nine batters. Chase Jensen and Jose Ruiz drove in the two runs in the fourth inning that proved to be the game winners.

Box     ReCap

FIRST-CLASS RUN: Fort Wayne has been one of the best teams in the Midwest League in the month of June. In fact, since June 10th, the TinCaps own the second best record in the league. Dayton is 11-4 since that date, but Fort Wayne is right behind the Dragons with a 10-4 record of its own.

WALKING THE TIGHT ROPE: Fort Wayne and Great Lakes have played 31 innings in their first three games of this series (with a 13-inning game on Thursday). All but one of those innings have featured a tie score or a lead of no more than one run for either team. That inning was the 13th frame on Thursday when the TinCaps scored three runs to clinch a 4-1 win. These two Eastern Division teams played three other one-run games in late May at Parkview Field. The average margin of victory in eight games during the season series is less than two runs a game (1.6).

BULLPEN SHINES: The TinCaps’ bullpen is a main reason for preserving many of the pressure-packed wins lately. Relievers have allowed just three runs over their last seven games. That translates to a 0.92 ERA during that span (29 1/3 innings).  

GIVE ME A K: Fort Wayne pitchers struck out 15 Loons batters on Saturday, the most for a nine-inning game this year. In the series, that makes 36 total punch-outs, the most prolific three-game stretch this season for TinCaps pitchers.

A TALE OF TWO STARS: Ruddy Giron (.363) and Nick Torres (.324) are two of Fort Wayne’s best hitters. This is the first game all season that both have been absent from the lineup.


062815 at GL - Lineup


When in doubt, just listen to Taylor Swift…

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June 27 at Great Lakes (Game 71)

Fort Wayne TinCaps (1-1, 33-37) @ Great Lakes Loons (1-1, 39-31)

LHP Brad Wieck (1-0, 3.60) vs. RHP Kevin Guzman (4-5, 3.34)

Sat., June 27 — Dow Diamond (Midland, MI) — First Pitch 7:05 p.m.  —  Game 71

LISTEN: ESPN Radio 1380 (WKJG) / / TuneIn Radio App

ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Fort Wayne couldn’t hold on to two separate leads on Friday and fell to Great Lakes, 3-2, in the bottom of the ninth inning. Federico Celli laced a walk-off double to end the TinCaps season-high five game win streak. Starter Michael Kelly hurled six shutout innings and Nick Torres and Franchy Cordero contributed at the plate with multi-hit games.     Box     ReCap

PITCHING PROWESS: Over the last six games, Fort Wayne’s pitching staff has only yielded 10 runs. In fact, in the month of June (20 games), the team’s ERA sits at 2.98, and TinCaps pitchers are only allowing 3 1/2 runs per game. It’s helped the team start 12-8 in the month. Fort Wayne’s pitchers have also only allowed one home run over their last 11 games.

MORENO MOVING UP THE LADDER: Edwin Moreno starts in centerfield on Saturday. Although he’s played sparingly during the month of June, Moreno is batting .360 over his last eight games. That includes three multi-hit games and eight runs scored. The Dominican outfielder has scored more runs this season in 41 games (23) then he did in each of the last two seasons combined (19).

A DOZEN FOR TORRES: Outfielder Nick Torres is currently on a team-high 12-game hitting streak. It’s the second time this season he’s hit safely in 12 straight. From April 30-May 12 the Lakewood, California, native went a dozen games with at least one hit. Torres is also hitting .400 against the Loons this year.

DODGERS UNITED: Two members of the 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Championship team will be at Dow Diamond again on Saturday. TinCaps pitching coach Burt Hooton was an All-Star for Manager Tommy Lasorda’s Dodgers that season. The Hall of Famer was LA’s skipper from 1976 to 1996. He is now a Special Advisor to Dodgers Chairman, Mark Walter. That was one of two World Series Lasorda would bring to Chavez Ravine. Hooton was also named the NLCS MVP in 1981.


062715 at GL - Lineup


  1. #1 Michael Gettys DH — Notched 9th OF assist on Friday, tops amongst FW outfielders
  2. #12 Ruddy Giron SS — Leads the MWL in runs (32) & total bases (82) since 5/18
  3. #10 Nick Torres RF — Currently on his 12-game hitting streak of the season
  4. #16 Trae Santos 1B* — Drove in a run on Friday @ Great Lakes
  5. #25 Luis Tejada 3B — Batting 5th for just the second time this year (in 8 starts)
  6. #22 Franchy Cordero LF* — Had two hits in Friday’s game @ Great Lakes
  7. #24 Chase Jensen 2B — Grew up 15 minutes away from catcher Michael Miller
  8. #21 Jose Ruiz C — Had the night off on Friday @ Great Lakes
  9. #15 Edwin Moreno CF* — Hitting .360 over his last eight games

*Left-Handed Batter


Kevin caught up with the newest TinCap, catcher Michael Miller, before he made his Midwest League debut on Friday night.


Former TinCaps broadcaster, and the author of “The Watson Files” in this space, Dan Watson is tying the knot today. Congrats, Dan…

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